Both the male and the female plant produce THC, although generally the male is not as strong as the female. Imagine that. The male plant dies after about 12 weeks, but the female lives month or so afterward to flower. ​

Harvesting Marijuana

Growing Marijuana Indoors

In addition to the fact that detection is more difficult, when growing pot indoors you can can adjust the growing conditions exactly as you want them and produce some very powerful plants. They will not appear the same as when grown outdoors, and will probably be scrawnier, with a weak stems. You may have to tie them to a growing post.

You will need about one cubic foot of soil for each plant, and the room must be well ventilated. Don't smoke pot or cigarettes around your pot plants. It might harm them, or waft into your house at an inappropriate time. Plus you don't want to let them know that you plan to grind then up and smoke them.

They need at least eight hours of light a day. The more light, the faster they grow, and the more females you will get. The lights can be either bulbs or the more energy saving fluorescent, but not the 'cool white' types. It is worth spending a little extra money and getting real "grow blubs."

Figure on about 75 watts per plant or one plant per two feet of fluorescent tube, about twenty inches from the plant. 

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Plant in a decent, well-draining soil mixture with the pointy end up, about 1/2" deep. It takes about five days for pot seeds to sprout. Remember, pot grows naturally in many different envirionments and soil, so don't make yourself crazy. You can sprout them in paper towels, peat seed sprouters, or just about anything.

When you transplant the seedlings, be sure to keep the rootball intact. Plant the seedling into a hole larger than the rootball, then pack it loosely, but so the seedling doesn't wobble.

If you are planting outdoors, do so in late afternoon or on a cloudy day.

Of course, water the plant. 

Pot should be planted after the last frost, which will kill the seedlings. April or May are good, depending on where you live. It should grow without much interference, as it normally would. Just be careful about detection from your neighbor the cop, or your neighbor the pothead. Either one will make short work of your plants, and you might end of in jail, where I hear the marijuana is uncommonly strong.
The male plants will be taller and have about five green or yellow sepals, which will split open to fertilize the female plant with pollen. The female plant is shorter and has a small pistillate flower, which looks like a cluster of white hairs. About a month after the male dies, or is harvested, the females will be ready to pick.

Marijuana plants are either male or female. The male plants produce pollen which pollenates the flowers of the female plant, which once pollenized, produce seeds. If the female plant isn't pollenized (if there are no male plants nearby producing pollen), the flower/buds continue to develop and produce THC. Female plants which are not pollenized are referred to as sensemilla (without seeds).

Usually 40-50% of the plants are male.

Males are often, but not always, tall with stout stems, sporadic branching, and few leaves. Males are usually harvested except those used for breeding, after their sex has been determined, but before the pollen is shed. When harvesting, especially if close to females, cut the plant off at the base, taking care to shake the male as little as possible. This helps prevent any accidental pollination by an unnoticed, open male flower.

When a male enters the stage of flower development, the tips of the branches where a bud would develop will start to grow what looks like a little bud (little balls) but it will have no white hairs coming out of it. Females will have no balls and will have small white hairs.
Drying Marijuana

To cure the plants, they must be dried, in a box or in the room itself. You need to bring the temperature to about 130 degrees, and remember to keep the box or room well ventilated.

Of course, you can always stick the pot in your oven at a low temperature, or leave them on your roof on a sunny day. It's not rocket science. Just dry them like you would any herb.
Growing Marijuana

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​​We do not condone or encourage the illegal use of marijuana.  

The information provided here is only intended for those who can legally buy and consume marijuana. 


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Marijuana Seeds

To get good grass, you need good seeds. They should look green and strong and bursting with health, as opposed to shriveled up like a miniature raisin. 

Try soaking the seeds overnight before planting, although not everyone agrees on this issue. In fact, try a lot of different things and see what works for you. 

The main thing to remember is that marijuana seeds are not just a nuisance, popping all over your car seats and couches and leaving little pot holes in your jeans. Before you roll a joint take the time to pick out the seeds and use them for what nature intended.
Marijuana seeds 
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