There's a variety of vaporizers made specifically to use with marijuana. They prevent the release of most toxins released in smoking and deliver more of the cannabinoids. 
Smoking anything isn't great for your lungs, of course, but research has found that moderate smoking is a lot less damaging that originally suspected

Contrary to popular belief, it's better to take small shallow puffs.  You can still get all the benefits and avoid the tar and other toxic chemicals absorbed when you hold in the smoke.  

The bottom line is, only buy really good pot, with a high concentration of THC, because you will need to smoke less. 
Bong water pipes

A bong will cool the smoke and will also filter out many of the toxins produced by burning.  It is one of the cleanest and healthiest ways to smoke marijuana.    
Smoking pot in a joint, a pipe or a bong is a beautiful, shared ritual that can bring friends, couples and families together. But it is much healthier to use a vaporizer, which eliminates most of the tar and toxins and delivers more THC.

You can also eat marijuana. You can turn it into marijuana oil or marijana infused "bud butter" which releases the THC. You can add dry shredded buds, oil or butter to your favorite brownie recipe. You can enjoy it in many treats available for purchase but still subject to marijuana laws. You can pulverize dry leaves and buds and put in capsules (though not recommended because you won't get much THC). You can drink marijuana tea. 

Don't try to eating marijuana by itself, either raw or dried, You will find it hard to swallow, it's hard on the stomach and you won't get a decent high. The same thing goes for dry marijuana capsules.  
Bud butter

Just about any recipe that includes butter can use "Bud Butter."
​Please note this recipe is only 

Shred the marijuana by hand. You don't want it to be too finely ground. 

Melt a pound of butter in a double boiler. You can add a few tablespoons or up to 1 oz. per 1 lb. of butter.

Gradually stir in the marijuana and cook at a low simmer, stirring frequently for 30 minutes. The butter will turn a deep green. 

Place a piece of cheesecloth or other loosely woven cotton fabric inside a metal strainer. Place strainer in a medium sized glass bowl, preferably one with a lid. Pour mixture over the fabric. After mixture has poured through grab the corners of the fabric and bring them up together. Pinch them on top and hold together with a rubber band until it looks like a little bag.  

This part is messy, but you want to get as much butter out as possible. Twist the bag as much as possible until you have wrung out all the butter. Throw away the marijuana.  

Place the butter in an air-right container and keep in the refrigerator.  

Marijuana Brownies 

You can use any brownie recipe mix and substitute Bud Butter for regular butter. Or if you are don't want to do through the trouble, just add some marijuana to regular butter in a frying pan, cook it for a few minutes, and then add it to the recipe. About a quarter joint for each brownie should be sufficient.

The FDA has approved the drugs Marinol for treating nausea and loss of appetite in cancer, anorexia and AIDS patients. It contains the active ingredients present in botanical marijuana and is legal in all 50 states. 

Capsules made from pulverized dried leaves and buds are really a waste of pot.  With good quality pot, if you emptied out the capsule and smoked just 1/3 of it in a bong you will get a healthy and far more satisfying effect than you ever could with pulverized pot, even after taking several capsules.    

To save money 

With the high potency pot sold today, a couple of tokes will give you a nice high that will last for hours and still be alert and focused. 

When using a pipe or bong you don't have to fill the whole bowl each time. Just add enough for one or two tokes at a time. This way you are always smoking fresh pot instead of smoking the charred pot. 

You waste a lot of pot when you put out your joint by crushing  the ashes as you would a cigarette. 

The JOY of Cooking with Marijuana

​Marijuana can baked in brownies or cookies by adding the dried shredded buds, marijuana oil or bud butter to your favorite recipe. It takes longer to feel the effects but they will probably be stronger than when smoking it. 

But be careful not to add too much. Once the munchies kick in you'll eat the whole batch.  
Marijuana tea

The THC in marijuana is not water soluble. Steeping the marijuana leaves in hot water will not dissolve enough THC into the tea to give you the desired psychoactive effect.  Using hot milk, even adding a little butter or bud butter, is far more effective. You can add sugar and spices to suit your taste. 


Marijuana buds are most commonly shredded and rolled into a cigarette called a joint or doobie. 

You can shred the buds by hand or put them in a marijuana grinder. 

A spliff is a joing rolled with both shredded marijuana and tobacco

When a joint is smoked to the very bottom it is called a roach.  It can get very hot and hard to hold. It will burn and melt the tip of your fingernails  so it is mostly held with a roach clip or smoked in a pipe.  

The roach will have a lot of THC from the build up of resin. The roaches can be saved and rolled together into a second generation, more potent Ming joint.  The roaches from the Ming joints can also be saved into a third or fourth generation of Ming joints, each more potent than than the original joint. 

You can also share a joint using the shotgun method. You put the lit end of the joint in your mouth and blow out the smoke, which is then inhaled by the other person.  

The shredded buds can be smoked in a pipe. Pipes are mostly made out of metal, wood, glass and carved stone. 

Some wood pipes, like the one shown here, are made for use on-the-go. and are neater for your pants or purse. If you don't smoke up the whole bowl at once you can close it up and use the rest later.  

When using a pipe it is best to use a good quality screen.  Don't buy the cheap brass screens because they can melt and you will inhale the metal fumes. You will know it melted when you will find a whole in the screen.  

The major disadvantage to using a glass pipe is that the screens don't stay in place and can easily fall off.  Without a screen you can inhale the fine dust or ashes.

Smoking using a bong

Hashish (also hash)

Hash is made by compressing the resin glands in the buds of the female marijuana plant. The resin can also be processed into a thick paste. These yield a higher concentration of THC and other cannabinoids than the dried buds. 

To avoid the toxins released when smoking and still get the psychoactive benefits of marijuana, the THC can be dissolved in vegetable oil or butter. You can use in for cooking or baking or add it to your food. 
The information provided here is only offered to those who can legally buy and possess marijuana. 
Using Marijuana
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​​We do not condone or encourage the illegal use of marijuana.  

The information provided here is only intended for those who can legally buy and consume marijuana. 


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Marijuana is consumed through smoking, eating and now also through vaporizing, which seems to be the safest way. Each method has its advantages and also its drawbacks.
You can save pot, keep it fresher and re-light it easier if you put the roach in a small metal (breath mint) box. 
This will instantly put it out and you can relight it where you left off. It'll also cut down on the smell and you can safely save it in your pocket for later. 
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